Flying taught me to read the weather. Farming taught me to plan for the weather. The weather bears each vintage along its path, always to a new destination.

c. carter

Cris Carter

Winemaker + Founder

Wine isn’t my second career. It’s not my hobby. I didn’t make my money in tech or as a hedge fund investor. Winemaking is what I was meant to do. It’s my profession. I went to UC Davis at eighteen to study wine and grapes. My only jobs have been in vineyards, labs and cellars. What is in the bottle is the result of years of work, not some whim.

My grandfather, my father, my uncles are all aviators. I too became a pilot. Winemaking, like flying, requires detail and precision, but instincts to handle the unexpected. I traveled the world, from New Zealand to Oregon to Chile to Tasmania, learning how to make the best Pinot Noir possible.

Anya Farquhar

Designer + Brand Manager

You can find me cleaning barrels or designing wine labels, I love being a part of the entire process from soil to sample. Trained as a graphic designer at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, I have an interest in details, process and craft.

My background includes a decade of experience with nonprofit and cause-based brands, advertising agencies and start-ups, from New York City to Los Angeles. I continue to design and direct creative work, while living the dream of building our estate vineyard and homestead.

Pat Carter 

Pat Carter (bottom right) as a TWA flight attendant in 1967.

Nick Carter (top right) with his father and brothers, all pilots, 1995.

Captain Nick Carter (top right) flew commercially for almost 40 years, for both TWA and American Airlines. His brothers and father were all pilots.


Taking flight.

Weatherborne's first vintage was made evenings and weekends; soon our winework will be all-consuming. We have purchased 30 acres, near Philo, in the Anderson Valley of California.  Abandoned apple trees and open grassy knolls are all that remain of an old orchard and sheep pasture, perched above the Navarro River across from the old growth redwoods of Hendy Woods State Park.

We will soon establish an estate vineyard, rehab the apple orchard, fight back the blackberries and plant our own roots. We are so excited to finally have a place called home, for ourselves and our little one. Onward and upward!



Our goal is to create a sustainable homestead using the best organic farming techniques and elements of permaculture.

View of Hendy Woods from the top of the property.


Quince! Hoping these make it into our future cider project.


Site of our future campsite for friends and family?